[twice2] brand design studio
Johann Terrettaz
15-17 Rue St-Laurent
1207 Geneva-Switzerland
T +41 (0)22 736 3986

> Advertising, press kit, folder, PLV, signage..
for Leon Hatot

> Monogramm design
for LEON HATOT joaillier

> new twice2 cards
thanks to Adrian Portmann (red face)
and RH (flowers) for the great photos


> Bombay Sapphire support me,
thanks to the cool BS team!
visit their amazing website

> design
for "Addax Petroleum" Report
for Jim Bhasin

card design
for "Hôtel des Bergues

 UNITAR brochure "programme 04-05" design
thanks to Sheelagh Coyle for the great collaboration

> logo & new corporate identity design
for "JPOptimum"

> logo & web interface design
for "Izzofacto"

> leaflets design
for FNAC - Switzerland

> AHD ProModel windsurf logo design
in collaboration with T. Serafin

> AHD windsurf design collections

> New logo design
for MOBO mobile phone
New Zealand

> finalist & Winner of the WSIS Identity contest :)
(World Summit on the Information Society)
ITU/UN WSIS logo design   

> New logo & leaflet design
for Medialogica